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  • Friday 13 May 2022 Year 6 End of SATs Picnic To celebrate finishing their SATs Year 6 had a picnic on the field. Thank you parents for coordinating your VERY generous contributions, it was fair to say they all had very full tummies by the end!
  • Thursday 28 April 2022 Explorers Bubble Homework Year 6 shared their wonderful Explorers Homework at the end of last half term. Their creations were amazing and included: air-ship models; sketches of Shackleton's ship: Endurance and fantastic poems about Shackleton's journey to Antarctica. Brilliant work Year 6!
  • Friday 25 March 2022 Mock Trial On Tuesday 22nd March Year 6 travelled to The New Baptist Hall in Cirencester to take part in a Mock Trial competition.The competition provided a fantastic opportunity for pupils to gain insight into the justice system. The competition immersed pupils in all aspects of a criminal trial, as they took on the roles of barristers, witnesses, clerks, ushers and jury members. The children competed against another school as the defence team andwere scored on the authenticity of their performance. We are awaiting the results of the competition but the children were delighted that the verdict of the trial was not guilty!
  • Friday 25 March 2022 Year 6 Diffusion Art As part of the Animals including humans Science unit, Year 6 have been learning about how both nutrients and water are transported around the body. They created diffusion art to help them understand this process in more detail. The "spreading" out of the colour represents the nutrients and water diffusing across the membranes in the capillaries to/from the bloodstream/intestines.
  • Tuesday 15 March 2022 British Science Week On Monday 14th March, Year 6 took part in the British Science Week. They were set the task of researching, building and evaluating nests for Gentoo penguins. They had a great day and the results of their investigation were brilliant; they produced some extremely robust nests! Once they had collected their materials and built their nests (after some very careful planning) each design was tested to see how well it would withstand the elements of wind and rain (simulated by a hairdryer and watering can).
  • Monday 7 March 2022 World Book Day On Thursday 3rd March, to celebrate World Book Day, the children came to school dressed as book characters. Throughout the morning the children took part in a number of different drama activities, One of their favourites was: Park Bench, where in role as their character, they had to have a chatwith another book character- some of the topics of conversation were very interesting!
  • Tuesday 15 February 2022 Freedom Bubble Homework Yesterday Year 6 shared their Freedom Bubble Homework. Their creations were amazing and included:wonderful poems, lego models and salt dough sculptures of freedom symbols and informative fact-files about Harriet Tubman.Excellent work Year 6!
  • Tuesday 15 February 2022 Tree Planting Yesterday we walked with Reception and some of our parents to a field just on the edge of Northleach to meet members of the Town Trustees. They have arranged for 300 trees to be bought in honour of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, and asked the school to help plant them in a new community area just off the old A40. The children were able to choose which tree to plant. It will be lovely to watch the trees grow and it was a perfect activity to demonstrate our school vision in practice.
  • Friday 11 February 2022 Mock Trial On Monday,Year 6 were visited by Mr Jeff McNally and Dr Rennie Thompson, who are both members of The Magistrate's Association. They talked to the children about the role of a magistrate, what a court room looks like and how it runs. The children were asked to think about a number of different offences and rank them in order of "most serious" to "least serious" before listening to a prosecutions argument in regards to a fictional theft. The children really enjoyed the session and look forward to taking part in Cirencester's Mock Trial competition in March.
  • Friday 11 February 2022 Northleach Community Project Last week we had Sue Pilling, the local community builder, in school chatting with the Year 5 and 6 Classes about their views on living in and around Northleach. The children were asked to think about what they feel is good and what could be improved in and around the town. They had some very creative ideas.
  • Monday 24 January 2022 Underground Railroad Art During Art this term the children have been learning all about The Underground Railroad:a network of safe houses that enslaved Africans used as a way of achieving freedom. They began by exploring the different codes and symbols that these enslaved Africans used to communicate with each other. Next the children looked carefully at the different designs used on patchwork Freedom quilts and tried to replicate these with the correct measurements - this proved harder than it looks! In the coming lessons, the children will be designing their own symbols which will map out a familiar route to them.
  • Tuesday 14 December 2021 Raging Rivers Bubble Homework Today Year 6 shared their Raging River Bubble Homework. Their creations were amazing and included: songs about rivers (to the tune of Last Christmas by Wham), carefully constructed modes of water transport and stunningpieces of art inspired by Monet’s – ‘The Water Lily’s Pond’. I'm sure you'll agree that they are fantastic! Well done Year 6.
  • Friday 10 December 2021 Christmas Jumper Day In support of Save the Children, Year 6 came to school dressed in their Christmas jumpers - don't they all look fantastically festive!
  • Tuesday 7 December 2021 Building Bridges This week, during Design Technology, Year 5 and 6 have been busily researching, designing and constructing bridges. They were set the task to design and build a bridge which:
  • Wednesday 24 November 2021 No Pens Day Today was No Pens Day which meant Year 6 were not able to write or record their work in the usual way. In Maths, the children were revising how to find fractions of amounts and had to demonstrate the method they followed using manipulatives, such as cubes and coins. Some of them found this more tricky than solving the problems in their heads! They also played a ball game to help them practise their times tables - they had great fun and some were presently surprised at how well they know their times-table facts.
  • Tuesday 23 November 2021 Karma Snakes and Ladders This week in our "Why do Hindus try to be good?" RE unit, Year 6 have been considering behaviours which would show both good and bad karma. They then considered how, according to Hindus, their choices in life would be influenced and affected as a result of these different behaviours.
  • Thursday 18 November 2021 Year 5 and 6 River Trip This morning Year 5 and 6 visited the River Leach to carry out fieldwork. After identifying the river on an OS map and labelling key human and physical features the children took a walk along the river and tried to spot some of these features first-hand. After identifying that the river was part of the river's upper course, they sat and sketched a small section carefully observing the different features.
  • Thursday 18 November 2021 Circuit Training This term in PE Year 6 are learning all about health and fitness and the impact this has upon their bodies. They have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in fitness circuits, recording their achievements and then making targets for subsequent sessions.
  • Monday 15 November 2021 Odd Socks Today we recognised Anti-bullying week by wearing odd socks. Can you guess which socks belong to whom?
  • Monday 15 November 2021 Children in Need On Friday 12th November, Year 6 dressed up in their pyjamas to raise money for Children in Need. It is fair to say that there was rather a selection of attire!
  • Thursday 11 November 2021 Remembrance Service Today Year 6 read a poem, which they had written collaboratively as a class, to reflect upon those who had lost their lives during wars. After the service and two minutes silence at school they then walked, escorted by a member of the British Legion, to the town square where they laid a wreath at the town memorial.
  • Friday 22 October 2021 Library Time This afternoon Year 6 spent some time reading our class text Bella Balistica in the school library, before selecting some texts to take and enjoy at home.
  • Tuesday 19 October 2021 Shadow Investigation This week in Science the children have been investigating shadows. They were set the task to perform a Maya-inspired shadow puppet show, during which they investigated how shadows are formed; how the size of a shadow can be manipulated by a light source and commented upon the shape of shadows.
  • Monday 18 October 2021 Upper Key Stage 2 Computing Day Today Year 6 worked with Year 5 and immersed themselves in the wonders of coding! Throughout the day they learnt to create programs with functions; how to debug codes based upon a flowchart of procedures as well as coding programs that take text input from the user. They all had a fantastic day but agreed that much perseverance was needed at times! Well done to all.
  • Monday 18 October 2021 Maya Bubble Homework It has been wonderful seeing all the fantastic creations that Year 6 have been busily working on at home - from beautifully decorated headdresses to Powerpoints about the Maya Gods. Well done Year 6!
  • Tuesday 12 October 2021 School Captains All of Year 6 have now written their School Captain pledges and they eagerly await their nominations. Watch this space!
  • Wednesday 6 October 2021 Year 6 have returned! Year 6 have returned from an action-packed and exciting week away at Manor Adventure. They all had a brilliant time and it has been wonderful hearing all about their experiences - I hope they have been sharing these with you at home too.
  • Wednesday 6 October 2021 A Rainbow of Colours This term in Science the children are learning all about light. This week they have been investigating The Visible Spectrum and were amazed to learn that light is made up of all the colours in the rainbow.
  • Wednesday 6 October 2021 Reading with Reception Each Tuesday Year 6 have been reading with Reception children. Both classes look forward to this session every week and it has been wonderful watching them getting to know each other, sharing books and watching their love of reading grow.
  • Thursday 30 September 2021 Evening Update - 30/09/21 Good evening from the last night in the Manor!
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