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  • Monday 20 June 2022 Exploring the garden We had a great afternoon exploring our school garden. Our Science topic this term is 'Living Things and their Habitats'. We looked for living things in our school garden. We identified and sketched some of the different trees, plants and flowers growing there and looked for invertebrates too.
  • Monday 13 June 2022 In the Net Year 4 had a super afternoon at Stow-on-the-Wold Primary School watching an interactive play, ‘In the Net’, presented by the Alter Ego Company. The play told the story of Dotty, a 7 year old girl, who gets a new iPad for her birthday. She spends the day online making a new best friend called Jenny, posting information and pictures about herself online, exploring websites and being unkind to a girl called Ava on FriendsNet.
  • Friday 20 May 2022 Year 3/4 Finished Bookmarks These are the stunning bookmarks the class designed and made. We are super proud of the perseverance and determination the children showed. I am sure you will be as impressed as we are.
  • Friday 13 May 2022 Year 3/4 Sewing In our Design and Technology lessons, the children have designed book marks on the theme of 'Red, White and Blue', to be made using sewing. The children's designs include the UK flags, national flowers, names and ornate borders. They have certainly set themselves a challenge! They have started sewing using embroidery threads and binca. These photos show the children following their designs, threading needles and persevering through some challenging moments. Hopefully, in a week or two, we can share photos of the finished designs.
  • Thursday 7 April 2022 Experience Easter Year 3/4 explored the events of Holy Week through a range of interactive activities at the Church this morning. A huge thank you to Laura, Liz, Patsy and Judy for organising and guiding us through these activities. We had a brilliant morning.
  • Thursday 31 March 2022 Year 3/4 Making Switches Year 3/4 have thoroughly enjoyed this half term's Science topic 'Electricity'. We have built electrical circuits, investigated complete and incomplete circuits and used circuits to find out which materials are conductors of electricity and which materials are insulators. This week we have made switches to control our electrical circuits.
  • Wednesday 23 March 2022 Year 3/4 Brass Concert We performed our amazing cornet playing to the Reception class. We played many pieces of music, demonstrating how to change the dynamics in 'Shark Bait', how to change the tempo in 'Making a Cuppa' and how to improvise in a jazz piece. Mr Richards showed us many different brass instruments and we listened to the sounds they can make.
  • Friday 18 March 2022 Year 3/4 Red Nose Day We donated money towards the Comic Relief charities today and wore our home clothes. We had lots of fun competing in a 'Red Nose' race!
  • Tuesday 15 March 2022 Year 3/4 British Science Week As part of British Science Week, we have been designing our own planet-friendly burgers. We started by creating a list of ingredients usually used to make a burger and finding out where in the world these ingredients usually come from. We learnt what food miles are and calculated food miles for the ingredients used in 2 given burgers. We watched 2 video clips and then, using what we had learnt, we designed our own tasty and planet-friendly burgers. One that is healthy for us and healthy for the planet!
  • Thursday 3 March 2022 Year 3/4 World Book Day What a fun World Book Day we have enjoyed today. We were so impressed by the stunning outfits the children wore dressing up as book characters - some were so inventive! We started the day with a Booknic. We sat on blankets with our friends and shared our favourite books. We talked about the characters, the plots and what we liked about the stories. We then came together as a class and read out some of the blurbs to inspire and excite each other. We are excited about reading each other's books.
  • Wednesday 16 February 2022 Making Ear Defenders In Science, we have been learning all about sound. We know how sounds are made, how they travel, and can even tell you how our ear works. Today, our task was to investigate which material is best at absorbing sound. We did this by making ear defenders and filling them with a range of different materials. We made predictions before we started and talked what we needed to keep the same to make sure it was a fair test. We discussed how best to record our results and decided on a 0-10 scale. It was lots of fun!
  • Tuesday 15 February 2022 Year 3/4 Tree Planting This afternoon we had a great time planting trees in the area behind the Old Prison with Year 2. The trees had been given to the town to help re-wild, and develop as a community space. The Town Trustees thought it would be great for each child to have their own tree and invited us to plant one each. This is our school vision in perfect action - loving, giving and growing as individuals and as a community.
  • Wednesday 2 February 2022 Diwali - The Festival of Light In RE the children have been learning about Diwali and the Festival of Light. We looked at how Hindus celebrate this festival and the types of activities that might take place. It’s an amazingly vibrant festival full of light, dance and joy. It celebrates the triumph of good over evil and the word Diwali comes from the Sanskrit word Deepavali which means row of lights.
  • Wednesday 19 January 2022 Learning to play the cornet! We are learning to play the cornet with Mr Richards. We have learned the 5 steps to breathing. We have learned to use our lips to make a buzzing noise which gets louder when we use the mouthpiece! We have experimented with dynamics and have learned to play the note C.
  • Friday 14 January 2022 Anglo-Saxon Experience Day! What a fantastic day we've had being an Anglo-Saxon tribe!
  • Friday 17 December 2021 Happy Christmas! What a fun week we have had enjoying lots of Christmas activities! From making Christmas cards, dancing at the Christmas party, completing a Christmas quiz, going to the Church for our Carol Service and solving clues to complete the Christmas treasure hunt we are well and truly ready for the holidays!
  • Thursday 9 December 2021 Christmas Crafts Thank you to School Association for a fun and fabulous creative morning! We enjoyed working with Year 2 and Year 6 to create sparkly Christmas tress, pop-up Rudolph cards, festive joke fortune tellers and Christmas baubles.
  • Wednesday 1 December 2021 Trinity Sculptures In R.E. this half term we have been learning about the Trinity, the Christian belief that God is 3 in 1 (God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit). Look at these amazing sculptures we have made to represent the Trinity.
  • Thursday 25 November 2021 Hockey After learning how to hold our hockey sticks correctly and safely, we have been working hard on our passing, dribbling, attacking and defending skills. We are really enjoying using all these skills in games situations.
  • Friday 19 November 2021 Year 3/4 Roman Numerals This week in Maths we have been learning about Roman numerals. We have been making them using lollipop sticks. Can you work out what numbers we have made?
  • Monday 15 November 2021 Odd Socks Day To launch 'Anti-bulling Week' we wore odd socks!
  • Wednesday 10 November 2021 Year 3/4 Life Education Today we had some very special visitors. Alex from Life Education came to see us. We learned these things are important to live a healthy life.
  • Friday 8 October 2021 Year 3/4 Football Year 3/4 have been working hard on developing their football skills with Rob in P.E. on Wednesdays. We've been so lucky with the weather and have enjoyed having lots of space to play on the field.
  • Monday 20 September 2021 School Council Election Last week we were so impressed with the fantastic pitches made by everyone who wanted to put themselves forward to be on the School Council this year. Your pitches were very well prepared and delivered so clearly! Well done!
  • Monday 13 September 2021 Investigating Tooth Decay This week in Science we set up an investigation to find out which liquid causes the most damage to our teeth. We put 6 hard boiled eggs into 6 different liquids. We will leave the eggs in these liquids for a week and then take them out. Ask us next week what happened and which liquid caused the most damage.
  • Friday 10 September 2021 What a super start!

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