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  • Wednesday 19 June 2024 In the Net Year 4 had a super afternoon at Stow-on-the-Wold Primary School watching an interactive play, ‘In the Net’, presented by the Alter Ego Company. The play told the story of Dotty, a 7 year old girl, who got a new iPad for her birthday. She spent the day online making a new best friend called Jenny, posting information and pictures about herself, exploring websites and being unkind to a girl called Ava on ‘FriendsFace’.
  • Wednesday 8 May 2024 Athletics in the sunshine! What a gorgeous morning for outdoor P.E.! Maple have been working hard on their throwing, jumping (standing long jump, triple jump and speed bounce) and running. We have been recording our distances and times and trying to improve our PBs!
  • Monday 29 April 2024 Language Day at The Cotswold School We really enjoyed our trip to The Cotswold School for the Year 4 Language Day! We had a carousel of activities where the Year 10 students were the teachers. We learnt lots of new Spanish and German vocabulary for topics such as numbers, colours and school subjects. Some of us played Boules, some of us built Eiffel Towers out of spaghetti and all of us learnt how to Salsa dance! The organiser of the day commented on how beautifully behaved and polite the children from Northleach were. Well done, Year 4!
  • Sunday 14 April 2024 Maple at Jonathan's Jungle Roadshow What a treat we had this morning! Jonathan brought some amazing creatures to show us and shared with us lots of fascinating facts about them. We were able to hold a giant millipede, saw a huge katydid and a baby blue tarantula, had a little peak at crested gecko (who was just starting to shed his skin) and even got kissed on the nose or the hand by a snake!
  • Wednesday 13 March 2024 Maple British Science Week Maple celebrated British Science Week with a day of activities based on the theme 'Time'. We had lots of fun investigating reaction times and making 1 minute water timers!
  • Monday 11 March 2024 Maple celebrate World Book Day To celebrate World Book Day, we came to school dressed as a word. We were very impressed by the creativity shown and the words chosen!
  • Tuesday 5 March 2024 Fun with Circuits In Maple class we have been exploring electrical circuits. Using our new electricity kit, we have made simple circuits, made predictions about whether circuits will work or not and learned the difference between complete and incomplete circuits.
  • Thursday 8 February 2024 Maple trumpet lessons We have been thoroughly enjoying our trumpet lessons with Mr Storer this term; we have learnt so much! We love playing his fun warm-ups to get us ready and focused for playing our instruments. So far, we have learnt how to hold a trumpet, how to make a noise with the mouthpiece and how to play notes C, D and E. We're even learning about the names of different musical notes and how many beats they are worth. We make a fantastic brass band!
  • Monday 5 February 2024 Maple Investigating Sound In Science this term we have been investigating how sound is made and how we hear sounds. Today we went outside to investigate how the distance from a sound source affects the volume of the sound. Then we used string telephones to investigate how sound travels through different mediums.
  • Friday 26 January 2024 Maple Digibus This week we were visited by the Digibus, a Cheltenham-based charity bringing digital education, help, and experiences to local communities within Gloucestershire and the surrounding counties. In small groups we took part in 4 main activities: a VR experience, programming Marty Robots using iPads, programming a Picoh Robot using Scratch and website design.
  • Monday 22 January 2024 Maple Investigating Sound We have been investigating how sound is made. We found out that sound is made when an object vibrates. We explored how small vibrations produce quiet sounds and big vibrations produce loud sounds.
  • Wednesday 13 December 2023 Maple Trinity Sculptures Look at the fantastic sculptures Maple have made in R.E. to explain the Trinity.
  • Thursday 7 December 2023 Maple trip to the Corinium Museum We went on a trip to the Corinium Museum in Cirencester as part of our topic on The Romans. We enjoyed looking at some amazing artefacts. Some of our favourites were the jewellery, the mosaics and the weapons. We also had a workshop where we dressed up as Romans, made our own mosaics, played Roman games and explored Roman food and cooking utensils. Great fun was had by all!
  • Thursday 30 November 2023 Maple loved the panto! What a treat we had on Tuesday as the whole school went to the pantomime! We saw Cinderella at The Theatre Chipping Norton. Here’s what we had to say about it:
  • Monday 13 November 2023 Maple Odd Socks Day To mark the beginning of Anti-bullying Week we took part in Odd Socks Day. We wore odd socks to celebrate what makes us all unique!
  • Thursday 9 November 2023 Turtle Race Games Maple have really enjoyed learning how to programme using 2Code. They combined all their learning, including how to create and use variables, to design and make 'Turtle Race' games.
  • Monday 9 October 2023 Maple Roman Numerals In Maths this week we are learning to read and write Roman numerals. Today we practised making Roman numerals to 20 using lolly sticks.
  • Friday 15 September 2023 Maple Shared Art In Art, we have been looking at different types of paintbrushes and exploring the effects we can create using brushes of different shapes and sizes. After making predictions of what we thought each brush might be good for, we worked together to create large pieces of art. We focused solely on practising mark making and exploring the textural effects that each brush could make.
  • Wednesday 6 September 2023 Maple Teamwork! Look at the fantastic spider's web we made. Working together and listening carefully to instructions, we were also able to lift it up and down! Great teamwork!

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