Northleach C of E Primary School


We at Northleach School understand the importance of fostering and supporting positive mental health and wellbeing for all of our children and staff. We are proud to offer high-quality provision through our curriculum, school ethos and additional interventions. Below you can find out more information about these. 

Mental Health Champions 

We are proud to have achieved The Mental Health Champions Award which acknowledges the high quality provision that our school offers to support the mental health and wellbeing of our school community. We understand the link between good mental health and achievement as well as the importance of staff mental health and wellbeing. We regularly identify areas in our provision that would benefit from further development and encourage our wider community to offer suggestions. The award is reaccredited every three years.


The Listening Room 

The Listening Room is offered most days of the week to all children who want the chance to be heard in a safe and calm space. Mrs Hortop listens to children who choose to share their concerns and together they talk about whatever it is they are worried about ranging from friendship issues, self-harm, home life troubles, changes they are facing or anything they wish to share. We aim to provide pupils will the tools and strategies needed to cope when faced with challenges within school or home life.


Growth Mindset 

At Northleach Primary School, we know that pupils who have a positive attitude towards their learning will make good progress and be successful. We want all our pupils to relish challenges, embrace their mistakes as part of the learning process, value the importance of effort, respond carefully to feedback and take inspiration from others. This will help them to achieve, not only with us, but also in their future lives as adults. It is with this in mind that we aim to establish a "growth mindset" in all of our children.  A growth mindset is the belief that intelligence improves through study and practice. Across all year groups, we believe Children with a growth mindset tend to see challenges as opportunities to grow because they understand that they can improve their abilities by pushing themselves. If something is hard, they understand it will push them to get better.