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  • Saturday 13 March 2021 We're Back!! It's been fantastic to be back in school this week after eight long weeks of home-schooling. The children were so excited to see their friends and we've had a brilliant week of fun and learning. On Friday we made Mothering Sunday cards and had the treat of going down to the new trim trail to play.
  • Saturday 13 March 2021 World Book Day This year, World Book Day was celebrated at home. Children could choose from a range of book related activities. We had a 'Guess the Traditional Tale' quiz in our morning Zoom session, children were challenged to read in unusual places and siblings could complete tasks together.
  • Saturday 13 March 2021 The Enormous Turnip Our final traditional tale during home learning was The Enormous Turnip. The children learnt an Enormous Turnip song, measured just how enormous their root vegetables were, used root vegetables to make prints, painted turnips and made vegetable soup. They also planned alternative versions of the story.
  • Wednesday 3 March 2021 The Three Billy Goats Gruff The latest story that we have been exploring is the Billy Goats Gruff. We've designed our own trolls and written descriptions about them. (I hope the photos of them don't scare you too much!) We built new strong bridges so that the goats could cross the river safely away from the troll and cute goats made from paper plates.
  • Wednesday 3 March 2021 More Amazing Home Learning Here are some more photos of our fabulous home learning from the past couple of weeks.
  • Monday 22 February 2021 Chinese New Year Friday 12th February signalled the start of the Chinese New Year celebrations. Reception have made some lovely craft items including lanterns, dragon puppets and lucky money envelopes. They even made a dragon headdress, ate a chinese banquet and made fortune cookies!
  • Sunday 21 February 2021 The Three Little Pigs The second Traditional Tale that provided our activities for home learning was The Three Little Pigs. We learnt a rap, made lists of building materials and tried wolf paint-blowing art. The children also designed, made and tested houses (with a wolf hair-drier!)
  • Monday 8 February 2021 The Gingerbread Man Our first story in our Once Upon a Time topic was The Gingerbread Man. In their home learning the children designed and made delicious gingerbread, made moving gingerbread men and innovated the story
  • Monday 8 February 2021 Investigating Weight Last week's home learning topic in maths was weight and weighing. The children carried out investigations and thought about things that are heavy and light and whether larger things are always heavier than lighter things.
  • Monday 8 February 2021 Home Learning Continued Here are some more photos of amazing home learning including maths, phonics, PE and topic.
  • Monday 8 February 2021 Ice Investigation Our home learning in the first couple of weeks was about the seasons and winter weather. The children investigated ice and frost. They made ice sculptures, wrote in the frost and completed a science investigation about melting ice.
  • Monday 4 January 2021 Good Morning Reception Happy New Year!
  • Monday 14 December 2020 Cock a Doodle Christmas Our Nativity took place last Friday. Sadly, because of Covid 19, parents weren't able to join us for our performance of Cock a Doodle Christmas. However, one of our governors was able to record our play and we were able to share the video with our families and the rest of the school. 
  • Monday 14 December 2020 Christmas Has Arrived Christmas has definitely arrived in class over the past couple of weeks. We have completed our Nativity scene by placing the characters carefully into the stable telling the Christmas story as we did so.
  • Monday 7 December 2020 Our Elephant Parade We're very proud of the elephants we designed and made.
  • Monday 7 December 2020 Jungle Update Here are some more photos of our jungle classroom as promised...
  • Monday 7 December 2020 Float or Sink Reception have been investigating things that float and sink. To set up a new jungle camp, our explorers need to cross a river by boat. We don't want to lose any resources in the river so we need to work out which things float and which things sink. We made predictions and tested them out.
  • Thursday 3 December 2020 Rumble in the Jungle Our classroom is turning green as we all worked together to make our jungle. We have an explorer corner complete with tent and many jungle animals. We'll show you more of our jungle classroom later...stay tuned!
  • Thursday 3 December 2020 Bonkers About Conkers Reception have been using conkers to practise their counting, fine motor skills and to create some amazing modern art. We used tweezers to dip the conkers in paint and then rolled them around the tray to make patterns across the page. It was great fun!

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