Northleach C of E Primary School

Parent Testimonials

We are blessed to have great support from our parent community.  The team here are very proud to share some of the comments we have received.  


We are so grateful for all the very organised work being sent by our children's class-teachers Mrs Bradley and Mrs Chalker. As we always get them the night before, we can print out the necessary sheets and get organised for the next day. 

Also, we have found that the twice daily (or even three times daily) Zoom-sessions not only provide our children with a helpful structure to their school-day, but they contribute massively to their well-being. It is so important for them to see their teacher and class-mates every day. A friendly wave and a little chat from screen to screen still brings a smile and cheers them up.


the huge support and excellent scheduling from your school has been the main factor in this school closure being far more manageable than last time. ... has come on leaps and bounds since starting Year One and he is genuinely enjoying all his work. We both love the Zoom calls which are held brilliantly by Mrs Dench and Mrs Rowe. They give much needed structure to the day, as do the very well thought out emails containing daily work. These emails are well balanced and are easy and fun to do with .... The work clearly stimulates and challenges him in a superb way. 


I can’t thank you enough for this afternoons Zoom it was so nice for little one to be able to chat with her classmates she still has a smile on her face an hour later


I just wanted to thank you for your call during the week and to tell you that we are very happy with all of the learning support/materials we have received from Mrs Dench and Mrs Rowe since the beginning of lockdown. really enjoying the zoom calls, they are pitched at just the right level, friendly, engaging, fun with good learning included. The daily tasks are well structured and not too challenging to work through (most days!). ... teachers seem great, very responsive on email, he is very happy, as am I.


I just wanted to say a huge thank you from myself and my children for the most amazing job you are all doing. Also, my children feel so much more connected with the zoom meetings and really helps with their feelings of isolation. Your updates and information are so great and just generally help me and little family feel connected. Thank you so much for all of your hard work.


All the support you’ve provided this far has been brilliant so thank you for that too. You and all the teachers are doing an amazing job! 


Thank you for all your hard work so far during this lockdown, I have to say I've found the support provided to be excellent.