Northleach C of E Primary School

River Trip

On 21st November and 5th December, as part of their Raging Rivers topic, Alder Class ventured outside to the fields adjacent to our school to carry out fieldwork on the River Leach. On their first visit they sketched the rivers, carefully considering the different features and adding lots of detail to their work. Then then later compared this to an OS map and discussed the similarities and differences between the two. On the second visit, the children carried out an investigation to test the speed of the river. They used dog biscuits (!) as their floating instruments


, dropping them into different stretches of the river and timing how long it took for them to travel 15m. They analysed the results and concluded that the fastest section of river was the narrowest, yet deepest for its size and contained little plantation meaning the river's current was undisturbed and the flow relatively powerful.