Northleach C of E Primary School


In Music we have been listening to different styles of the same song.

We started by listening to ‘In the Groove’ in the Blues style and then in 3 other styles –  Baroque, Latin and Bhangra.


We mimed to the different instruments we could hear.


Then we used tuned and untuned percussion instruments to play along to the tune.  We used the notes A  G  E  D  C


After, we used the composition tool on the computer to create an accompaniment to the music.  Once we had tried this, we went off and composed our own!

We had lots of fun and learnt lots of new things.

  • 'I enjoyed composing our own music on the grids.

I learnt how to play the hand chimes'  -  Tippi

  • 'I enjoyed the Bhangra style – it was exciting and not what I thought it would be.  I expected it to be calm.

I learnt that you can have the same song but in different

styles' – James

  • 'I enjoyed the Blues music when it made the electric guitar vibrate.

I learnt that the Latin style is quite high pitched'  -  Adi

  • 'I enjoyed the Bhangra style because it was nice and funky.

I learnt that there are tuned and untuned instruments'  - Albert

  • 'I enjoyed listening to the different styles of music.

I learnt what composing is'   -  Ivy


Music Y2