Northleach C of E Primary School

Harold's visit to Maple Class

Today Maple class had a visit from Alex and Harold from Life Education. We had a brilliant session called 'It's Good to be Me'. We explored the wheel of healthiness and the wheel of happiness. We practiced doing a 'Calm Palm' and talked about how it made us feel. Using Curiscope, we explored inside a human body and found out about the amazing work our respiratory, circulatory and digestive systems do. We learnt about the damage that smoking can cause to our bodies. 

After that we explored what it means that we are all unique. We travelled with Harold to the planet Conformation where everyone was exactly the same. They ate splodge for breakfast, lunch and dinner. All the children had the same face, hair and clothes. Laughing and having fun was not allowed and smiling was only allowed once a week! The people on Planet Conformation were not allowed to think for themselves and the leader made all the decisions. We all agreed it did not look like a fun place to live! 

We watched a video of Harold, Kiki and Derek's trip to Diversity World. When they got there they all wanted to do different things so they agreed to split up, do their own thing and meet up later. However, each of them realised they didn't enjoy their rides as much as they thought they would as they didn't have their friends with them.

We really enjoyed our visit from Harold (and Alex)!

Maple Life Education