Northleach C of E Primary School

Good morning year 1 and 2

Who would have thought this time yesterday that we would have to stay at home again!

We hope you are all well and keeping yourselves busy and safe this morning.

All the staff at school are working hard to prepare for your home learning.

For the time being, please try to complete a few tasks whilst we finalise your activities for the rest of this week.

  •  Enjoy reading your school and home books.
  •  Practise your weekly spellings and the spelling investigations.  Perhaps you could write a sentence for each spelling.

Spellings for Year 1 are words with the final consonant clusters “nt”  and   “nd”.

ant, mint, went, hand, pond, find.

The common exception words are; what, why.

Spellings for Year 2 are words ending with, “ge”

age, cage, page, image, huge, large.

Common exception words are; father, glass, grass, pass


  • Year 1   Practise counting forwards and backwards to and from different numbers.
  • Year 2   Practise counting forwards and backwards in twos.


Make observations about the winter weather today.

As Miss Williams introduced in Worship yesterday, our value this term is "Perseverance". 

Can you make a poster showing your ideas about this value.

We understand that you might not be able to do these tasks today.  Don't worry!

It's a strange day for all of us. 

Lots of love,

Mrs Rowe and Mrs Dench x