Northleach C of E Primary School

Governor Information

 The currently serving governing body consists of:

Name Type of Governor Dates Committees Responsibilities
Mr Mark Tennant Foundation Chair 01/04/2018 to
Pay Review Panel, Ethos Chair, Pay Review Panel, Head’s Performance Management, Recruitment
Mr Michael Seath Local Authority 09/07/2019 to
Resources SEND, Vulnerable Groups (inc. Pupil Premium Funding), Sports Funding
Dr Katheryn Miller Parent 12/07/2019 to 11/07/2023 Curriculum Safeguarding
Miss Kirsty Williams Head Teacher 01/09/2018 Resources, Ethos, Curriculum Headteacher
Mrs Laura Blundell Foundation 01/09/2019 to 31/08/2023 Ethos Chair of Ethos, SMSC, PE, Collective Worship & Christian Distinctiveness
Mrs Lilly Chalker Staff 19/03/2019 to
Resources Attendance & Behaviour
Mrs Kathy Ellison  Co-Opted 01/05/2021 to
Curriculum, Pay Review Panel Chair of Curriculum, Pay Review Panel, Early Years
Mr Nicholas Hartnell Parent 04/10/2018 to
Resources, Pay Review Panel, Head’s Performance Management Chair of Resources, head’s Performance Management, Premises, Health & Safety, Pay Review Panel
Mrs Kathryn Allison Co-Opted 23/11/2020 to 22/11/2023
Mrs Deirdre Bailey Clerk to the Governing Body 21/06/2021 


Governing Body Committees:

Curriculum Committee: Kathy Ellison (Chair), Kathryn Miller and Kirsty Williams.

Ethos Committee: Laura Blundell (Chair), Mark Tennant, and Kirsty Williams.

Resources Committee: Nicholas Hartnell(Chair), Michael Seath, Lilly Chalker and Kirsty Williams.



Governing Body members serving in the last 12 months

Tim Hamilton, stepped down: 31 August 2020

Andrew Shaw, stepped down: 31 July 2021



Register of Governor Interests:

Mrs Lilly Chalker is a member of staff at Northleach Church of England Primary School.

Miss Kirsty Williams is the Headteacher of Northleach Church of England Primary School.

There are no business or financial interests declared.

There are no other material interests declared.



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